Housing & Homeless Support

We offer services and support to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Housing First

South East Simon Community work with single people or families who have mental health difficulties,are active in their addiction, who have chaotic housing history, and are homeless.

Our first priority is to move people directly from the streets, hospitals, emergency accommodation into their own tenancy. We then provide robust support services, in order to assist the tenant to maintain their tenancy, and to integrate into their community. We operate with the principles of warmth, compassion and respect, and are recovery orientated.

Supported Housing

South East Simon provides housing in Waterford City, South Tipperary and Kilkenny. All South East Simon tenants have a support worker linked to them who assists our tenants with their move into their new home and supports them to integrate into their new community.

Tenancy Sustainment Service

Our Tenancy Sustainment Service is to assist people to maintain their tenancy or to support those at risk of a tenancy breakdown. This is a homeless prevention service as we feel it is best to prevent homelessness and this service recognises the value of people maintaining their own homes.

Supported Advocacy

Our Supported advocacy Service is to assist people who require advice and information on their housing entitlements and we then can support them or advocate on their behalf with other statutory and voluntary agencies.


This is a service we provide to people who are moving into their own home after a period of homelessness or emergency accommodation. We also provide this service to people who have moved to a new area or community.


It is not always possible for someone homeless or facing homelessness to come to us. If a person has no home or is rough sleeping we will go to them. We will work with the person to get them into emergency accommodation in the first instance and provide a range of short term practical help; a hot drink, a sleeping bag, a meal.