about us

We have been providing services to people experiencing homelessness and who are at risk of homelessness throughout the South East Region since 2004.

Our mission is to help people find a home and to support people to keep their home.

Our Vision

South East Simon Community’s vision is that everyone can have a place to call home and any support they need to maintain their housing.

Our Values


we are a community of people, who have experience of or are at risk of homelessness and those concerned with ending homelessness, which promotes respect, equality, solidarity, participation and seeks to maximise independence.


we respect the uniqueness of all persons. Collectively we strive to meet the diverse needs and promote the rights of all individuals and groups affected by homelessness.

Social Justice

as a community, we promote a socially just society and campaign for a society without homelessness.


both volunteers and paid staff are central to the work of Cork & South East Simon. The time and resources of volunteers is a unique dimension of the Community.

Commitment to Care

the Community responds to the changing needs of those who experience homelessness and those at risk of doing so by providing a range of empowering and supportive care for as long as people need it.


the Community strives to be accessible and inclusive, with a special commitment to those facing the most barriers.


Areas we cover

Waterford, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny and South Tipperary.

We currently have two offices in the region – Waterford and Clonmel.