About Us

Since 2004 South East Simon Community has been providing services to people experiencing homelessness and at risk of homelessness throughout the South East Region.

Our mission is to help people find a home and to support people to keep their home.

South East Simon Community has a vision of the South East where everyone can have a home for life.

Our Values

  • The work that South East Simon does throughout the South East of Ireland is underpinned by the following values –
  •  Equality – we recognise and accept that all people are equal and deliver our services in a way that recognises this belief and embodies it.
  •  Justice – we treat all people fairly, being conscious of, and upholding their human rights. We recognise that rights have responsibilities.
  •  Commitment – we are dedicated to our vision and our mission statements. Because of our caring, we are determined to be effective in implementing our services to people homeless and at risk of homelessness throughout the South East.
  •  Honesty – we are open, transparent and accountable in all areas of our work.
  • Effective – we offer well researched, carefully planned services that meet the needs of our service participants in a real and meaningful way assisting the people we work with in achieving their goals. We continuously audit the effectiveness of our interventions and have our service evaluated internally every year and externally every three years.
  •  Partnership – we embrace and welcome working in partnership with other agencies to ensure the optimum benefit for all our service participants.
  •  Service User Participation – we recognise, respect and hold close that the participation of those who avail of our services is as necessary as those who deliver it.
  •  Acceptance – we value, respect and treat with dignity each individual as we ourselves would wish, and are entitled to be valued, respected and treated with dignity.

We provide supports in Waterford, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny and South Tipperary and currently have two offices in the region, one in Clonmel and one in Waterford.