Top 10 Novelty Ideas and Themes


Add an extra challenge to your supper!

Get your guests to rate their food and dining experience, and donate the value (No pressure!).

Set yourself an ingredients budget per guest and see what wonders you can rustle up, without breaking the bank.

Limit each dish to just three ingredients and see what varieties and creations you can wow your guests with.


Spread the load and share the cooking!

Every guest brings a different dish that can be shared. They can bring anything they like as long as it’s a portion that can be shared. Perfect for large groups or relaxed gatherings.

A twist on the traditional potluck where each guest gets nominated with a country and brings a dish from that region. Perfect for creating a fun Supper with a variety of bold flavours that will delight any palette.

Each guest brings dishes that begins with the first letter of their name – e.g., Alice brings an Apple Pie or Peter brings a Pasta Salad.


Make it memorable - add a theme!

Pick a country and go all out on your theme… Mexican, Indian, French or Italian. From food to decorations, inspire your guests with a unique dining experience.

From prom night, to celebrity couples, to a Father Ted theme… add some extra fun to your Supper with a fancy dress theme.

Step back in time with a 60’s theme throwback Supper, or just a celebration of some of mum’s old favourite recipes.

Host a breakfast for dinner. After all, it’s morning somewhere in the world!